GENERAL DESCRIPTION: SUPREME GREEN is an green, viscous liquid detergent concentrate. SUPREME GREEN has a fresh, clean fragrance which makes it pleasant to work with. SUPEREME GREEN is concentrated for economical use. A blend of superior emulsifiers and synthetic wetting agents make SUPREME GREEN a superior, high sudsing, liquid detergent. Good for restroom sanitation when a germicidal rinse is added to solution of SUPREME GREEN and water. SUPREME GREEN is a mild product that holds its suds and cleaning power while soaking dishes clean. Makes dishes and pans sparkle. Mild on hands, yet has extreme grease-cutting power. Heavy duty. Economical and easy to use. Completely biodegradable. SUPREME GREEN is safe for use on any item or surface that is not harmed by water. SUPREME GREEN is an effective cleaner for dishes, glasses, pots and pans, equipment, windows, woodwork, tile floor and walls, toilets, urinals, bowls and ceramics, general cleaning.

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